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Crystal offers water cruises, land adventures and air cruises -- beyond what people expect. The concept here, "Destination: Beyond", tells people there's more to Crystal than meets the eye, and also plays up a quality message -- Crystal goes "beyond" at every level.

Cinemagraphs continue the beauty of the brand tone, breaking through the usual in-your-face digital clutter.

This image here I uploaded from maybe Vimeo? It has terrible borders when it plays.

This version here I just uploaded from my computer hard drive. Why is there a border?

Here's a video I'm going to upload from Vimeo, nope, I can't import from my Vimeo library.

Now I'm going to upload from my Wix video library but it won't let me make it larger. And a single hairline at the bottom. And, it has a grey hover layer that stays: 

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These iPads I uploaded from hard drive but they are outlined. I will try to import without outline.

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