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 My philosophy is to start smart. And create from there.

      I work with executive teams, brand managers and product designers to                 reposition and upbrand properties.

      I lead creation of new brands and establish the tone and voice across all             marketing channels.

      I partner closely with Web Ops, UX, Digital & Performance Marketing to               help inform creative. 

      I source the newest forms of digital, tech and media to incorporate into                  concepts. 

      I write highly conceptual cross-platform ad campaigns and events unique to           the marketplace. Headlines, tag lines and call-to-action are specialties. 

      I create and write on-brand, conceptual websites using UX/UI guidelines. 

      I write scripts for commercials, videos, digital channels and broadcast /               podcasts.           
      And I feel like that was all so dry, I should mention I'm fun. Because fun is             good. 

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